Braai Area Outside or Built-in - Cape Town

Your braai area outside or built-in is a special place to entertain family and friends. Let us help you create your ideal braai area at home for joyful events and lasting memories.

Outside or Indoor Braai Areas for More than Grilling.

Your braai area outside or indoors is where family and friends get together for fun, food, and drinks. It’s more than a place at home. It is the living space where you unwind, watch sports, play games, and entertain in style. Let’s discuss your outside or indoor built-in braai ideas to find your fit. While we build your dream braai area, check out the latest braai recipes with Jan Braai.

Outside Braai Area

Outside Braai Area

Are you looking for a brick braai or a contemporary outside built-in braai area? We can help you realise your ideal entertainment space in Cape Town. Want an outdoor kitchen? It’s time to make it happen. Request a quote for your built-in braai today. 

Modern Indoor Braai Area

Modern Indoor Braai Area

Homes often feature a chic indoor braai area with the latest amenities. A custom design braai can include whatever your space needs – from an entertaining or home bar area to a statement built-in braai.


Stoep Braai Area and Braai Chimney

Stoep Braai Areas and Braai Chimneys

Classic stoep braai areas are here to stay. Our expertise perfects their design and build while ensuring the braai chimney adheres to best construction practices. This beloved favourite is sure to make any house feel like home.

Braai and Chimney

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my braai chimney not draw the smoke out properly?

A built-in indoor braai may have one of several design flaws. One of the most common is incorrect internal structure ratios. The apertures of the chimney outlet and internal front must be in perfect ratio for smoke to clear out correctly. Other poor construction practices causing smoke indoors include incorrect chimney height or flue size and a too-narrow smoke chamber. 

Of course, blockages occur. However, it’s unlikely for critters and birds to make a home where braai fires are a frequently indulged pastime in our braai-loving country. If you suspect a blockage, get an expert  to diagnose and remedy the problem.

How high should my braai chimney be?

The chimney should be the same height as the topmost point of your roof or higher. If the chimney of your indoor braai is shorter than the house, it can cause a downdraft. A too-short braai chimney can also pose a worrisome fire hazard. 

Is it better to have the braai protrude to the outside or inside of a building?

The braai must protrude internally as this will prevent any possible leaks that may occur where the braai and external wall joins. These areas might cause problems in the future.

Can I use my built-in braai as a fireplace indoors?

Yes, if your braai has a dual function structure. Your built-in braai can warm your entertainment area during the colder months if it’s equipped with a chimney damper and convection ducts.