Home Renovation and House Extension Cape Town

A well-executed home renovation or house extension excites the heart, mind, and soul.

We love home renovation projects, and so will you!

Did you know your home can fit your life like a glove? Find your crème de la crème home renovation solution below. A new kitchen to delight your culinary senses or a bathroom to soothe your soul. Add extra space with a house extension or chill out in a newly landscaped garden. We do it all!

Home renovation stylish and modern entrance gate.

Home Renovation

With a team managing your home renovation, you can rest assured your update will be a success. We guide clients through the design and build process while maintaining clear communication.

Small kitchen makeover with laminate floor.

Home Kitchen Renovation

The hub of the home often holds so much potential. After all, kitchen renovations add to the value of homes. Kitchen island updates are among the most popular and vital, with seating and lighting topping must-have lists.

Home renovation classic style bath and basin

Home Bathroom Renovation

Second only to kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels can uplift the look and feel of your home in no time. Our swift projects turn frumpy, dated, or impractical spaces into places good for body, mind, and soul.

Nutec house extension.

Nutec Houses and Timber Frame Homes

A manufactured cement fibre board, known as Nutec, is a durable and cost-effective solution for any quick house build. The cladding shapes around timber frame homes. It’s a great option for those who want an eco-friendly alternative with better insulation properties than traditional houses.

Vertical house extension.

Vertical House Extension

Skip hidden surprises and plan your vertical house extension with a qualified building contractor. A vertical house extension is an affordable way to create useable floor space for entertaining, the kids, or a home office. Plus, you could get that scenic view you’ve always desired without sacrificing horizontal space on your property.

Modern landscaping and lighting front of house.

Home Garden Landscaping

The garden certainly matters too. Our comprehensive home renovation services run all the way to your property’s boundary – including the garden and entry gates. We offer landscaping to boost curb appeal as well as practicality.

Home Renovation and House Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my boundary wall crack?

Cracks typically occur when cement building blocks are used incorrectly. They either have a lack of steel reinforcement or not enough Brickforce. Additionally, these building blocks are not being filled with concrete. It’s best to use standard bricks with strengthening Brickforce.

Why does my floor or floor tiles crack?

During the construction process, there should be an allowance for floor expansion. The number of expansion joints depends on the square meters of the floor area. Cracks normally appear because of bad soil compaction and movement of the surface bed. Any area wherever clay is present in the soil could be prone to movement.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

A kitchen renovation timeline depends on the scale of the project. A complete remodel, with a new floor plan and structural changes, can take up to 12 weeks. These typically take longer as one phase must be completed before moving on to the next. Smaller adjustments, like a kitchen replacement, can take up to 8 weeks.

How long does a timber frame and Nutec construction take?

The construction time of a timber frame house is quicker than a traditional brick build. Frames are premanufactured before delivery to the building site. Subject to the size and complexity of the structure a timber frame build can take between 8 and 16 weeks. A timber frame home with Nutec cladding can last a lifetime.