Office Renovation and Shopfitting Cape Town

Create ideal spaces with a new office renovation, shopfitting, or custom office partitions.

Office Renovation and Modern Drywall Installations

Your shop or office reflects your brand identity, attracts customers, and encourages employees. We make it easy to remodel your office, shop, or factory. No need for multiple contractors, we do it all. Drywall and glass partitions, skimmed ceilings, floors, staircases, painting, and lighting.

Office renovation suspended and skimmed ceilings

Suspended and Skimmed Ceilings

Create a professional and spotless environment with suspended and smooth skimmed ceilings. You can hide unsightly ceiling floors and ensure a minimal look.

Laminate vinyl floors

Carpeting, Tiled, Laminate, Vinyl, Screeded Floors

Choose from a wide selection of cost-effective and durable flooring options. Office renovations in Cape Town and beyond need a good base, and we’re here to help you find your company’s fit.

Office renovation frameless glass partitions

Frameless Glass Partitions

Clear or tinted frameless glass partitions are ideal in contemporary offices. They are lustrous and give an open plan feeling while keeping the practicality of cubicles.

Office ceiling

Ceiling and Drywall Partitions for Offices

Update your office layout with a new drywall installation and office partitions. Our business solutions are swift and effective to ensure your team is as uninterrupted as possible.

Modern office restroom

Bathroom Additions

Our office bathroom renovations are of a high standard to maximise convenience and comfort within the workplace.

Lighting and fixtures

Lighting and Fixtures

Our selection of lights and fixtures gives you the freedom to customise your office space and imprint your brand personality should you want it. We adhere to safety protocols to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Office Renovation and Shopfitting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to construct a curved drywall?

Yes. During the drywall installation, skim the boards to ensure a smooth and continual surface.

Is office drywall partition panels fireproof?

You can install fire-rated office partitions to obtain a fire-retardant level. Noise dampening and moisture drywall boards are also available.

Why does my flush plastered ceiling hang or crack?

The ceiling is hanging or cracking because there was an incorrect practice. It usually occurs when the ceiling boards haven’t been staggered or the scrimp tape wasn’t installed before skimming. Using nails instead of screws can also lead to hanging or cracking.

Do I need to skim coat the ceiling?

Skim coating is necessary when drywall or the ceiling is damaged. It’s quick yet long-lasting. If a surface has minor cracks, you can skim coat the surface.