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Top-quality roofing, roof trusses, roof sheets, and flashing for your home, business, or factory.

Cover your Fixed Assets with Superior Roofing

Ask us to do your roofing, sheeting, trusses, and flashing. We do it right the first time. Roof installation, replacement, or -repair. Getting your roofing and roof trusses right the first time is crucial. That’s why we provide professional execution and seamless delivery. Explore our sleek sheltering options to find your solution.

Roofing Roof Trusses and Roof Truss Spacing​

Roof Trusses and Spacing

Have peace of mind with a certified A19 roof engineer and approved Pryde roof trusses contractor by your side. Whatever your home and roof style, we install roof trusses according to precise calculations to ensure a structurally safe and visually appealing roof.

Roof Sheets

Roof Sheets and Roof Flashing

Our roofing ranges from IBR roof sheeting to corrugated and aluminium roof sheets. Among others, we specialise in Saflok, Diamondek, and Springlok products by Safintra. In combination with our roof sheeting, roof flashing ensures a watertight result. Our neat installation also guarantees a clean look that follows seamlessly from the roof sheets.

Roof Styles and Roof Designs

Different roof styles need distinct trusses and sheets or tiles. We guarantee to match the best combination for a pleasing and practical result.

Flat Roof

Flat Roof

A nearly horizontal roof with various sheeting options. Steel or timber trusses can work as its frame.

Corrugated Iron Roof

Corrugated Iron Roof

A roll-formed metal panel roof that is fitted and screwed together. Truss type depends on the roof fall degree. 

Butterfly Roof.

Butterfly Roof

An inverted gable roof resembling flapping butterfly wings. Its unique V-shape truss structure invites improved ventilation.
Thatched Roof.

Thatched Roof

Dried grasses and reeds clad a thatched roof. It comes in various shapes, while trusses are typically A-frame timber structures. 

Gable Roof

Gable Roof

A triangular roof, like a hip roof. Sloping gable roof trusses are common in South Africa and can be made from various materials.

Dormer Roof

Dormer Roof

A sloped, triangular roof with windows projecting from the side of its roof slopes. Its trusses resemble that of a gable roof.

Roofing and Roof Trusses

Frequently Asked Questions

Which roof sheets are best for flat roofing?

The best roof sheets and insulation vary according to the fall degree of your roof. Concealed fix sheeting is ideal for 1 to 5 degrees, IBR sheeting is ideal for 5 to 10 degrees, and corrugated sheeting work best for 10 degrees and up.

Why is my flat roof leaking?

There are a few possible causes. It could be the roof sheeting does not match the fall degree, or slope, of your roof. Alternatively, when no roof flashings were installed leaks occur. They are vital because waterproofing alone won’t last.

What should my roof truss spacing be?

Roof truss spacing in South Africa depends on the roof covering type. Metal, like lightweight steel roof trusses, can be further apart, but roof tiles need trusses closer together. The roof truss spacing calculation is normally provided by an engineer.

Do I need an A19 certificate for my roof?

Yes. Any roof structure attached to your home or that has a roof covering needs an A19 certificate.